Preeti Pandey

An exuberant social activist from early college days, Preeti Pandey – the Founder of Dulari Devi Foundation, always dreamed to uplift education and contributes towards the women welfare. When she was very young she felt bad for the street children’s and women who were treated as burden on society.

She addresses education and awareness a concrete substance in building block of society. She believes the change in society begins with individual effort, and if your cause is good people will automatically connect.

Born in Varanasi to a reputed family, she was brought-up in luxury and comfort, however, this never disguised her strong thought to contribute towards society – women and children welfare and their upliftment.

At the mere age of 23 when young aspirants are busy in shaping their carrier, attracted towards high paid job, driven by monetary satisfaction – she never got distracted from her goal. On completing MBA she backed a job in the posh corporate sector. With the time her thoughts, goals and determination matured she gave up her posh job to become a full-time activist. It’s a tough decision to take, at such a tender age. In a short conversation with Preeti – She said it is heavy pains to see children living in an underprivileged environment and being denied for their basic rights. Her strong wills and determination was her tool and no odd situation stopped her from focus, she went to the ground to teach children in parks, slam area and public places to provide basic education to kids from underprivileged society. She also went beyond this to help poverty-stricken people enroll their children in formal schools and, at times, help the children herself to dress up for the school. With all her capacity, she ardently helps children to avail basic education and still continuing her journey.

Apart from education, she also works for women to make them aware about their rights and how they can practice it to lead a dignified life. She has been actively participating in spreading awareness among the underprivileged women about their rights, defending them against any criminal activity or helping them to develop employable skills to become financially independent. She believes every woman should have her dignity intact and the society does not have the right to dictate their life.

She has successfully changed the lives of many women and child so far and expecting to come up with more activities.

When your determination and hard work combines with passion – nothing is impossible.

She proves it by not accepting any help from her family and exhibits a perfect paragon of a self-made woman.

Unlike the youth of her generation she would have chosen a comfortable life, but she visions to create a difference in the society by her efforts. Preeti draws her inspiration and zeal by helping the society. An activist to the core, she dreams of continuing her work till her last breath.

“She believes even helping a single person in need will fulfill her life’s purpose”.

Her great contribution has gained recognition, and the top national media has covered her story and life several times both in print and television. She has no greed for fame – all she wants is to spread word of her work, to inspire more and more people of different generations to work for some cause. She is already a role model for the youth of present era and an inspiration for many.

Preeti is a known figure in the entire country and people recognize her through her work.

Before founding Dulari Devi Foundation, Preeti Pandey has been associated with Vishal Bharat Sansthan, an NGO based in Varanasi, where she organized and lead many social activities for various causes. The NGO also extends its support by distributing grains to poor family every month who can’t afford daily meals through a strong medium named “ANAJ Bank”.

Along with her team members, she looks to expand the reach through Dulari Devi Foundation. Already built a cult in a mere five years’ time and looks to take things further through this NGO, Preeti Pandey wants to see everything happen through Dulari Devi Foundation.

Preeti’s mission is to uplift the underprivileged section of society and vision a better world for everyone.

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