Parwaah - A Medical and Health Initiative

At Parwaah – we incubate new initiatives and facilitative measures based on medical and health. The primary goal is to increase the accessibility of quality health care.

We hope to decrease the incidences of preventable illnesses, increase the community’s knowledge of common diseases, and promote multidisciplinary care to provide quality health care services, and sustainable solution for health care.

Our Care Makes a true Difference

Apna Haq – A legal initiative to assist underprivileged Women against their exploitation

This forum aims towards the empowerment of street and working women adopting a participatory approach that provide a clear understating of women’s and human rights activities. They are given a chance to develop some understanding of their situation, their rights and opportunities. Our foundation promotes activities like education, counseling, recreational accomplishments, and etc

Furthermore, we work on the legal empowerment of the vulnerable and the marginalized, women, children, persons with disabilities, dalits, the poor, etc. We help by initiating legal awareness drives, necessary legal assistance and advocacy, capacity building and policy development.

“ Haq se jano apna Haq”

Sakhi – An Open Forum for Women’s to share and care

The term sakhi itself signifies comfort and coziness. The motive behind the term “sakhi” is to provide the comfort, freeless and open talks regarding anything that bothers their concern and arouse curiosity to know more. It can anything like Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues, Self dependence initiatives, lives of dignity, freedom and other family issues.

“Let’s care by sharing”

Hindustan Ki Awaj – An Initiative to Raise Voice Of Youth

Introduced with an aim to give voice to the youth of country Being most influential, passionate and ardent in nature, young generation contributes to the Hindustan ki awaj - this section of society owes a tremendous power to transform the society to lead a concrete foundation.

“Get the best Youth Ki Awaaz stories delivered right to you”

Give Voice To Your Ideas - Youth Ki Awaj

Bachpan – An initiative and open forum for Children

We help children in unleashing their potential and realize their dreams. We believe that every child is unique and can scale great heights if get right learning opportunities. With regular and generous contributions, we can march steadily towards achieving these goals.

“ Give Confidence to bud a child’s Bachpan”

Mahila Sashaktikaran Kendra - Empowering Women to live a dignified life

The foremost aim of this initiative is to provide a livelihood to women by empowering their mental and physical strength to bring the best out of their skills and hobby.

We aim to create a violence-free, gender-just society through social research, capacity building and advocacy.

It provides platforms to challenge domineering norms and conduct programmes to increase self-confidence, awareness, self- in-dependency, defence trainings and etc.

Shiksha Ek Ujjwal bhavishy: Strengthening Tomorrow’s Foundation Through Quality Education

An education initiative by Dulari Devi Foundation in Association with Gyansathali Academy – A School in Chota Mirzapur Rasulaganj Uttar Pradesh based on CBSE Board pattern.

As we know education empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and also increases one’s awareness on a range of issues. Quality education fosters overall development of the child and equips them with academic and life skills. Our foundation aims to provide quality education by improving teaching and learning through teacher capacity building and curriculum development; promoting community participation in education; providing academic support to children; and strengthening the education system as a whole.

The motto to get associated with Gyanasthali Academy is to deliver right to education on a minimal fee especially for those kids from marginalized backgrounds and Underprivileged section.Education Should be Human Right Not Business.

“Shiksha Ek Ujjwal Bhavishya : Strengthening Tomorrow’s Foundation Through Quality Education”

How you can help us

Just call at (961)670-0999 to make a donation