Katran Kalaa: Giving Wings to Women’s To Be Self-Reliant

One of the most imperative initiative katarn kalaa aims at Dulari Devi Foundation is to make women independent prodding their skills. As we know independence has been a constant question for women, thus our initiative Kataran kala emphasis making women self-dependent, building their self-confidence, reducing gender discrimination, and raising their stature within their families and in society at large.

Here, we prioritize skills training introducing fashion designing courses like tailoring, designing, and embroidery creation. This initiative is transforming women’s lives by making them understand - how beautiful it is to fly with our wings. Most importantly, young women can earn a livelihood to support their education, dreams, family necessity, and find the power of their voice and ideas.

The young girls at Dulari Devi Foundation are becoming self-reliant and self-independent, receiving more and more orders for different types of petty coats, blouses, zari work on sarees, school children's uniforms stitching, etc. In the pandemic, these young girls are sewing masks from the left-over clothes material, which is commendable.

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